Mike Wade

Mike is passionate about helping individuals and companies become more than they imagined.

Mike has over three decades of leadership experience.  His professional career spanned eighteen years as a football coach – including two years of high school, fifteen years of major college, and one year in the professional ranks.  Mike took the countless skills and abilities honed as a football coach and seamlessly applied them to the business world.  He served as Vice President of Sales for nine years at a privately owned company, and during that time, sales grew from $83 million per year to just under $1 billion per year.  He is adept at accelerating growth by “moving the ball down the field.”

In addition to the corporate business sector, Mike and his wife, Dr. Deb Wade, owned a faith-based counseling center.  One of the largest in the metro area, the center grew to employee seventeen doctors and therapists who counseled as many as 1000 individuals, couples, and groups per month.  Mike and Deb continue to do marriage conferences.

As part of the Initiative One team, Mike is committed to helping others achieve their ultimate success and potential.

Mike’s forte includes individual coaching, group facilitating, and public speaking on various topics of leadership and inspiration.

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