The last week of the year rushes in. It’s year-end and the pressure to wrap things up includes numbers of tasks. As a leader, the way you finish this year can propel you to your best start next year. You won’t find any tax advice here, but you may find a few borrowed accounting terms. During my early days of working in a family business, I have vivid memories of physical inventories at year-end. We had multiple maintenance facilities and a diverse fleet of equipment. The arrival of winter signaled the need for an accurate accounting of parts and supplies. We prayed for goodRead More →

There is a Need for Leadership Transformation Organizations do not transform spontaneously. Transformed leaders transform organizations. While most acknowledge the need for change, it remains a formidable challenge to develop leaders who embrace, lead and sustain positive change. In the past few years, global research consistently reveals the most critical challenges facing leaders revolve around the development of Human Capital.1 A number of Management and Human Resources studies have repeatedly shown that Leadership Development at all levels is a high priority.2 Demand for talent is substantial. The volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business landscape requires responsive and effective leaders who are able to adaptRead More →

  To keep things in small, easily digestible chunks, every football game is divided into quarters and play doesn’t end until all four quarters are completed. If you win every quarter, you are assured a victory at the end of the game. At InitiativeOne, we are your four quarter game changer. We understand that true transformation begins with developing the best leadership talent in your organization and continues through a strategic investment that will sustain high performance momentum. We have a proven systematic approach that begins with your key leaders and carries you toward a sustainable legacy. First Quarter: Leaders All leadership begins with self-leadership. Learn toRead More →

John Mertz drew inspiration from a grove of aspen trees in the Rockies. In Activate Leadership, Mertz shares about a snowshoe journey into the mountains and powerful revelation by his guide. The guide explained how the aspens grow in community. They do not grow alone. Rather, the aspens are bound together by an incredible root system. Those nuggets of wisdom and the elaboration found in Activate Leadership are a fitting reminder. Leaders are not so different from aspens. They grow better in community. Research and writing about the burgeoning numbers of millennials in the workplace has given rise to an affirmation of the importance of community. IRead More →

There is a predictable, observable pattern that accompanies the undertaking of any significant change. –The Reality of Change by Fred Johnson & Paul Metler A few years ago we made a change in our home. We exchanged our carpet for hardwood. For us, it was a positive change. Our response to the change was very pleasant. We loved the change. However, we are not alone. We share our home with a Maltese named Vanilla. Her response to the change was immediate and decisive. She hated the hardwood. To this day, she refuses to walk on the hardwood. She leaps from rug to rug attempting toRead More →

Maybe you grew up in an environment where it wasn’t polite to ask “Why?” I’ll bet you heard the infamous answer from a parent, a teacher or a coach, “Because I said so!” Take a deep breath, overcome your bad memories and dust off the question. There is a time to ask the big question. There is a time when “Why?” is the most important question to ask. That time is now. Rather than ask your parents, coaches or teachers, look in the mirror today and ask yourself, “Why?” Once I heard someone empower a young questioner with a stern warning, “You can ask whyRead More →

Messages about change are everywhere. Change is needed. Change is hard. Deep change, real transformation is intimidating. You think you need to change, but you’re not sure how deep the change needs to go. Meanwhile, disappointment creeps in. Surface adjustments in your life provide diminishing returns. Why? If you are asking the question, you’re already considering the implications. Transformation sounds so radical. Is it possible to deal with stuff that lurks beneath the surface of your daily routines? Sure it is. But, it involves more than a course correction or a surface makeover. There is path to follow and the first few steps are wellRead More →

Recently, I was sitting in a restaurant with a group of friends. One of my friends left his reading glasses in his car. When he strained in a desperate attempt to read themenu, I smiled and offered my glasses. Apparently, his desire to save a trip to the car was sufficient motivation to give them a try. My prescription was less precise than he expected. After a little effort, he was able to make out the words and order his meal. Problem solved. There was another solution. I could have read the menu to him and offered some suggestions. After all, I could see theRead More →

It’s evident when the camera zooms in just after the putt drops into the cup. It’s that twinkle in the eye of the golfer. It’s a mixture of focus, confidence and execution. When a golfer is in the zone, the hole seems larger, the stroke seems smoother, and the path of the ball is true. That’s what it’s like for a professional to be in the zone. It’s not limited to golf. Leaders can be in the zone too. It begins with vision A good putt requires alignment. Alignment is a visionary process. When a golfer is in the zone, he or she expects theRead More →

As a child, my front yard was the venue for many high stakes kickball games. Right field was the best opportunity for a home run. Kick it over the neighbor’s fence and you could take a victory lap around the bases. Left field was a different story. A long shot into left meant an automatic double because the ball would land in the street. Leftfielders were trained to pause before chasing the ball and “look both ways” before entering the street. In my childhood kickball game, “both ways” included a glance to the left and a glance to the right. But there are other optionsRead More →