University Leadership Curriculum

University Leadership Curriculum

First implemented at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) in Grand Rapids Michigan, the InitiativeOne University Leadership Curriculum was designed to bring an integrated professional curriculum to Executive Leaders. Featuring classroom teaching, dialog, case study review, and peer collaboration, the program prepares emerging leaders to succeed in the ever-changing global economy. Participants will develop a personalized leadership plan to achieve maximum impact personally and professionally.

Program goals include:

  • Build foundational leadership principles to accelerate one’s ability to self reflect
  • Strengthen influence and lead change
  • Achieve lasting personal and organizational transformation

Leaders will gain the necessary understanding and tools for building an effective, highly accountable team culture. They will learn how to establish a foundation for increased trust, collaboration and improved solutions with greater speed.

With an emphasis on implementation, the curriculum supplements six classroom sessions with an innovative seventh session designed to ensure each emerging leader is using the skills learned during the course.