Leadership Keynote Speaking

Dr. Fred Johnson at Festival Foods – “Festival College”

Leadership Keynote Speaking

Dr. Fred Johnson is a dynamic leadership speaker, author and transformation agent. His presentations are inspirational, informative and entertaining with a highly interactive style that creates an immediate impact. He combines story and strategy to reach deep into the hearts of the audience leaving each person with the drive to manage change in every aspect of life. Fred will raise the level of energy and engagement at your next leadership event.


Popular Topics for Keynote Speeches:

The Reality of Change

Based on The Reality of Change, Book Two in the Rising Tide Leadership Series, by Fred Johnson and Paul Metler

  • Living in the land of Status Quo – Will you choose Comfort or Change?
  • Leaving the Status Quo – Learn to tune out the Noise on the outside and gain Focus and Clarity on the inside.
  • The Destination – Discover the power of a Clear Purpose.


Is Everyone on the Boat?

Based on Is Everyone on the Boat?, Book One in the Rising Tide Leadership Series,  by Fred Johnson and Paul Metler

  • Who’s in your boat? Learn to understand yourself and understand the people in your organization.
  • What makes an organization healthy? Learn to lead people more effectively.
  • How do you sustain organizational health? Learn to neutralize Naysayers.


How Leaders Sabotage Their Success

  • Define three fundamental influences on behavior; discover what they have to do with success.
  • Discover sabotage patterns that affect a leader’s performance.
  • Raise trust in teams by changing your behavior.


Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Success

  • Get out of “pay the rent” mode.
  • Increase your “pool of influence” through honoring your commitments, building trust and belief.
  • Learn the power of accountability in leadership.

The Most Important Factor for Team Success: Psychological Safety

  • Increase the Volume of Creative Thinking
  • Increase the Quality and Quantity of Problem Solving
  • Become a Team where “Iron Sharpens Iron”
  • Raise the Potential for Disruptive Innovation


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