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Leadership Transformation

Leadership Transformation – The InitiativeOne Signature Process

Leadership Transformation is the definitive deep-dive immersion into the best possible version of yourself and your organization. Looking at the dynamics of individual leaders and at the enterprise’s leadership culture, it identifies who you are at your very best, how to be your very best at all times, and how to address the things that hold individuals and the organization back.

Through a powerful group process led by highly skilled facilitators, leaders are exposed to best practice methodology within real world challenges which can be directly applied back in their own specific leadership context. In groups ranging from 8-15 people, leaders are exposed to a comprehensive leadership transformation. It begins with Discovery.

gray model The Discovery Process is the foundation for discovering and recommending a customized approach for maximizing leadership and organizational effectiveness.

The Discovery Process allows InitiativeOne to engage with a select group of leaders and “get up to speed” with organizational dynamics. The Discovery Process is a one to two day interview process designed to collect data and identify existing patterns of communication, decision-making, formal leadership, informal leadership, and root cause barriers that hold the organization back from greater success. This is the critical first step toward building trust and entering into the Transformation Process.

Real Transformation requires more than surface adjustments. The InitiativeOne Signature Process accelerates meaningful change.

During this process you will move beyond learning new skills. You will be reflecting on the patterns and processes of life. At Initiative One, we help leaders look inside and align the heart and mind and improve performance and effectiveness. It involves nine weekly three-hour facilitated group sessions that focus on three elements critical for significant, sustainable and accelerated change:

  1. Recognize and address individual and organizational barriers
  2. Internalize timeless constructive leadership principles
  3. Develop and operationalize a practical framework to sustain positive change

Execution is the measure of effective Leadership Transformation. Authentic change translates into strategic action.

Our process models serve as practical instructional tools to help leaders learn how to respond to situations. The teachings of the models are intended to be an intense ramp-up. The expectation is that leaders will be able to immediately understand and apply the model for everyday use. Leaders develop new habits of execution during the process. Facilitated sessions serve as a leadership-lab, allowing them to execute these principles and make strategic accelerated change within the organization.

Execution must be sustained beyond the 9-week process. At InitiativeOne we understand that sustaining long-term positive change requires ongoing revitalization and accountability.

At InitiativeOne, we understand that many leadership development training initiatives can leave participants feeling somewhat abandoned. Our approach is different. We understand that sustaining transformation after the 9-week process concludes is essential for continued effectiveness. To support the transformation over a full year, four quarterly group sessions are facilitated with the leadership team. These three-hour sessions are designed to review individual and organizational progress toward results-driven change.

Moving Forward
InitiativeOne has an ethical commitment to only enter engagements that will have a positive impact and lead to meaningful results. Therefore, we assess whether leaders and organizations are ready to engage. Positive signs include:

  • Sponsorship from the Senior Executive or business owner.
  • A commitment to implement the key principles and behaviors needed to accelerate change.
  • A steadfast investment in the change process (appreciating that it is a process, not a series of events) and understanding that for the process to achieve transformational results there must be openness to change in areas of structure, mindsets, and behaviors.