Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

The demands on executives are often complex, pulling leaders in multiple directions simultaneously. They can deplete energy, dull your edge and disrupt your focus. All of this, of course, limits performance and effectiveness. For this reason, professional leaders, just like professional athletes, use coaches. A good coach will provide an objective perspective, offer insights to improve performance, identify and emphasize the things that are working well, work with you to evaluate and correct potential problem areas, and help you maintain an even keel. An InitiativeOne executive coach will help you develop and refine your focus, commitment and plan en route to greater results.

InitiativeOne professional coaches are specialists in helping executives and business owners generate impact and produce greater results. We offer C-Suite coaching, executive coaching and business leadership coaching.

You may be ready for Executive Coaching if:

  • Your passion and interest for your work has diminished
  • You have hit a career plateau with which you are not satisfied or fulfilled
  • Toxic cynicism or negative thinking have drained your energy, creativity or passion
  • It has become increasingly difficult to manage your energy, suggesting the need to realign your work life/home life balance
  • Due to success and/or longevity, you find yourself preoccupied with “what’s next?”
  • Your visions and aspirations are usurped by “pay the bills” activities
  • Your business seems stuck and you’re not sure how to ratchet it to the next level

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