Leadership Transformation

Leadership Transformation is the definitive deep-dive immersion into the best possible version of yourself and your organization. Leadership Transformation is the InitiativeOne Signature Process. Looking at the dynamics of individual leaders and at the enterprise’s leadership culture, it identifies who you are at your very best, how to be your very best at all times, and how to address the things that hold individuals and the organization back. Learn more

Executive Coaching

The demands on executives are often complex, pulling leaders in multiple directions simultaneously. They can deplete energy, dull your edge and disrupt your focus. All of this, of course, limits performance and effectiveness. For this reason, professional leaders, just like professional athletes, use coaches. Learn more

Executive Planning Retreats

Situated on Lake Michigan’s picturesque Washington Island, just 90 miles north of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the InitiativeOne Executive Retreat offers a haven for leadership and strategic planning processes in an environment worlds away from the stresses and pressures of office demands. Learn more

Strategic Planning

The most effective strategic planning processes are intentional, focused, methodical, disciplined and facilitated. They challenge, engage and inspire organizational leaders to stretch beyond the concerns of the moment and to shed light on truth through a long-lens perspective. Learn more

Keynote & Professional Speaking

Dr. Fred Johnson is a dynamic leadership speaker, author and transformation agent. His presentations are inspirational, informative and entertaining with a highly interactive style that creates an immediate impact. Learn more

University Leadership Curriculum

Featuring classroom teaching, dialog, case study review, and peer collaboration, the program prepares emerging leaders to succeed in the ever-changing global economy. Participants will develop a personalized leadership plan to achieve maximum impact personally and professionally. Learn more