Seek to be a Righteous Leader

Seek to be a Righteous Leader

As leaders, we are constantly faced with tough decisions. Some of these decisions are life altering, (like moving, marriage, kids, new job, investing, selling, layoffs, etc), while others are simple, (what should I eat, clothes to wear, etc). However, the main point within all these decisions is the purpose behind the decision. Were your actions based on unguided ambitions or on a focused vision and sound values? In an era, where financial growth and social perception determine a company or individual’s success; many leaders are tempted and encouraged to violate their values. This violation of ethics, can and will destroy trust, create a feeling of guilt, and possibly lead to legal ramifications.

However, during these pressures of external perception and financial worth, transformative leaders strive to be Righteous. Transformative leaders make decisions based on their vision and values and are able to move forward in a purposeful way. By striving to be Righteous, we free ourselves from guilt and regret and are given an opportunity to live and lead.

So today, when you are faced with a decision, choose to do what is right, more than anything else.

Be a Champion Today.

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