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Transformation in Educational Leadership

Education Leaders Have a Strategic Opportunity.

There is a collective sense that education needs to change. Many daunting strategic questions are surfacing and these questions have widespread implications. Do current educational approaches prepare students for the future? Are educational leaders creating the best learning environments for students? What needs to change? Who needs to change? To what extent are educators prepared to adapt approaches to align with the students? These challenges provide unparalleled strategic opportunities. Listen carefully and you will hear an emerging cry for disruptive reform. There is a need for leadership transformation. READ MORE

Postgame Strategy

Discover the Dream beyond the Team.

InitiativeOne has leadership development experience with active players, coaches and management in the National Football League. In an effort to clarify the barriers that threaten successful transition into life beyond a professional team roster, InitiativeOne chose to enrich lessons learned from past experience with specific exploration into the challenges facing retired players. READ MORE


Transformation is Possible

Most Leadership Development Efforts Fail to Produce Lasting Change.

The need has been great, but many who respond are missing the mark. There is a widening gap between the training provided and the skills needed for leading change. In fact, a growing number of leaders readily admit that they are not adequately prepared to meet the challenges that they will face. Although most leaders have invested in development, they have not experienced lasting change. InitiativeOne responds to the needs of executive leaders with a process that facilitates lasting change. READ MORE