InitiativeOne Preparing for Strong Presence in Downtown Green Bay

InitiativeOne Exterior Night

InitiativeOne Preparing for Strong Presence in Downtown Green Bay

New Building Opens in March 2015

Dr. Fred Johnson in front of old Appleton hotel façade.
Dr. Fred Johnson presents the repurposed 129-year-old all-copper façade from an old Appleton hotel.

It’s much more than a new office building. The renovation of the Adams and East Walnut Street building is a significant investment for InitiativeOne and signals the beginning of a strong presence in downtown Green Bay. InitiativeOne’s CEO and founder Dr. Fred Johnson’s vision for the future includes a robust appreciation for the rich history of Green Bay. The building features a 129 year-old copper façade.

InitiativeOne is committed to create a great space that beckons leaders to connect with others and learn. Our facility in the heart of downtown is evidence of our desire to create a community of learning in Green Bay. Step through the doors and discover an atmosphere where sacred cows are tipped and leaders are transformed.

The building renovation is a symbol of the transformational work the InitiativeOne team brings to individual leaders and organizations. InitiativeOne’s CEO Fred Johnson founded the company in Scottsdale, Arizona and has built a solid reputation for helping leaders and organizations soar to new heights.

InitiativeOne improves the performance and effectiveness of leaders and organizations by helping them break through the barriers that hold them back. InitiativeOne guides leaders and organizations toward becoming more whole and authentic. Authenticity requires alignment of heart and mind. Improved performance and effectiveness will resonate not from mere external behavior modifications, but rather from higher confidence, lower stress, and inner focus. It takes more effort and a lot more commitment. But the transformation is real and the results will have substance. Leaders and their organizations end up stronger, healthier, and happier.

InitiativeOne’s client list includes highly recognizable names such as the Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Seahawks, McDonnell Douglas, The Macerich Corporation, Westcor Development, Scottsdale Healthcare, Banner Healthcare, Oneida Nation Community Health Center, GEA Westfalia Surge, Beck Aluminum.

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