Client Impact

Client Impact

“It has been approximately 16 months since InitiativeOne and Dr. Fred came into my work life; what I didn’t imagine is how much this process would positively affected my whole life. Almost immediately, our group of leadership started to see benefits of working together and using the tools of the process to put our issues on the table and work through them head on. More recently, my husband and I are learning to navigate the difficult path of having a child with special health needs and related relationship struggles. The Leadership Transformation Process has not only enhanced my professional effectiveness, but most impactful, helped clarify how feeding my personal well is necessary to be my best self in all areas of my life.  It is difficult to put into words the bond, trust and respect our leadership group established with each other while going through the course. The intangible communication and trust of the group has made the most profound difference. We are able to communicate effectively at work and also support each other in all areas of life. I value the tools and impact Dr. Fred and the InitiativeOne Leadership Transformation Process continue to have in my professional and personal life.”

Sonja Matzke, Senior Operations Manager, CCI Systems

“Some of the most noticeable gains we have gotten from the Leadership Transformation process is that we are leveraging more people’s thoughts and ideas which allows us to move a little bit slower when we have a problem or an issue; just collaborating and not jumping to conclusions like we have done so often. We try and move too quick sometimes. If we ask more questions and slow down I think we get a better result.”

Mark Skogen, CEO and President Festival Foods

“Over the last 24 years of my legal career, I’ve experienced few greater personal and professional “ah ha” moments than I did working with InitiativeOne. Candidly, not a day passes without my thinking about and incorporating the leadership development and coaching skills I learned from InitiativeOne. It’s game changing.”

Jean Robertson
General Counsel and Secretary
Beck Aluminum Corporation

“We had been through four other leadership interventions. So when InitiativeOne came in, I had no expectations. But we began seeing results after the very first day – day one! You really can’t put a dollar value on it. It has changed the culture of the whole clinic and has had a very positive impact on patient care.”

Molly Downhour
Director, Clinical Trials


“Burgess Group discovered InitiativeOne at a pivotal moment in our development as an organization. We had come to a figurative fork in the road and were too paralyzed by morale issues and professional disagreements to move forward. Fred and Tracy quickly got to work untangling the issues that had seemed hopelessly complicated and applying just enough pressure to make us all accountable for our role in being “stuck.” After an honest assessment, InitativeOne helped us to develop strategic plans that pushed us in the right direction. Our organization is now motivated to make decisions that are consistent with our principles, and individual employees are taking greater initiative to attack and solve problems. Burgess Group has witnessed a complete transformation during the course of our work with InitiativeOne, and with their help we are entering our most successful year with our most accomplished team.”

Tricia Villamil,
Sr. Director, Corporate Initiatives

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the Accelerating Leadership Excellence program at GVSU.  We have a great pool of talent at RoMan Manufacturing and I want to be sure they are being prepared for their future and the future leadership of our business.  The four individuals that have so far participated in the program are thinking and working like a cohesive team, far beyond their functional responsibilities.”

Robert W. Roth,
President and CEO

“After working for Carrier for 17 years and my own company for almost 18 years, I have seen a lot of speakers of all types and quality.  I believe Dr. Johnson to be one of the most engaging, interesting,  challenging, and dynamic speakers I have ever heard.  His leadership skills are terrific.  He has made us look at our compny in a unique way that really challenges our employees to work more closely together.”

Carl Godwin,
President Quality One Service Network


“InitiativeOne does not come into the company and talk about the How to’s… first, they change what is going on “between your ears” and that in turn changes the organizational results.”

Dwight Davis,
President and CEO


Dr. Fred,

“You probably don’t realize it but my day at the conference was a key day in my journey toward the leadership position I now hold.  You were encouraging to me, the speakers spoke to the many things that I have found useful both for personal development as well as professionally, and God used the whole experience to direct my paths.

I hope this conference is repeated!  I will surely attend.  If not I hope some day I receive another chance to participate in a conference guided by your group.  If not, you should know the impact you made on my life.”

– Ben