Postgame Strategy

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Discover the Dream beyond the Team

 You will discover:

  • How to cultivate and apply leadership skills beyond the familiar field of athletic competition.
  • Who you authentically are beneath the public persona created by high profile sports.
  • How to channel your all-in passion and commitment into non-athletic pursuits.
  • Where to find strength and support when locker room camaraderie is no longer available on a daily basis.
  • How to identify new meaning and purpose in your life.



Week 1-4: Deep self-discovery to help the athlete understand and claim their purpose and places of highest impact.

Weeks 5-7: The development of a comprehensive transition plan as a defined roadmap for future success.

Weeks 5-9: Exposure to new tools that maximize effective decision-making, heighten problem-solving ability, and gain clarity for prioritizing future goals and objectives.


Four quarterly three hour sessions to assess individual progress toward the personal plan. This is a rigorous, high expectation process. Candidates must have a hunger to learn, to grow and to demonstrate full personal commitment to the program.


Coaching: The facilitator(s) who leads your group process will be assigned as your coach for the duration of the process. At least one of the facilitators in each group process will have personal experience as a professional athlete.

Sports Leadership Transformation Postgame Strategy

Sports Leadership Transformation Postgame Strategy

There is so much life left to live, so many mountains yet to climb, but how do you get started when the only dream you’ve chased is behind you?

What do you do when your entire life has been committed to the highest level of performance in a sport in which you no longer compete?

You need a Postgame Strategy!

 Sports Leadership Transformation Postgame Strategy

Certificate in Leadership Transformation


The InitiativeOne Postgame Strategy encompasses a weekly, nine-session curriculum (3 hours per session totaling 27 hours).  The weekly curriculum is followed up by four-quarterly sessions (3 hours per session, an additional 12 hours).  The 15-month time period for the leader is supplemented by access to personal coaching support as needed and agreed upon by the facilitator and participant.

*Upon completion of the 15-month Leadership Transformation process, the leader will have participated in 168 development hours or 16.8 CEUs from University of Wisconsin Green Bay.

The facilitation methods include teaching, dialog, case study review, role-playing and peer collaboration.  Additionally, each participant will complete outside readings, assessments, and a personal development plan as a part of this Leadership Development curriculum.

Who should attend?

Postgame Strategy is designed, tailored and delivered exclusively for professional athletes entering the next phase of life.