The Leadership Academy

Why the Leadership Academy? Transitions are tough. Whether you have been promoted
 to a new management position or find yourself breaking ground on a new assignment with
 a new team, the challenges can seem overwhelming. Receiving a fresh opportunity is a reason for celebration. Yet, even before the celebration has finished you begin to feel the weight of responsibility. After the initial enthusiasm wears off, you recognize that it’s time to invest in your leadership. The Leadership Academy provides the help you need in four 4-hour sessions.

Target Audience:

  • New Leaders seeking to grow in their influence & leadership
  • Those aspiring or being groomed for middle-management
  • Emerging Leaders

You Will Learn The Four Things That Maximize Results:

  • Leadership: How Do I Lead?
  • Vision: Why Do I Lead?
  • People: Who Are The People Who Drive Results?
  • Positive Change: What Do Effective Change Leaders Do?

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