Executive Retreat

“Man is so made that if he is told often enough that he is a fool he believes it. By telling himself so often enough he convinces himself, because when he is alone he carries on an inner dialogue with himself which is important to keep under proper control.” Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)  Leadership integrity is about alignment. Integrity aligns what you know with who you are and what you do. When you lead at your best, the connection between the three aspects of your leadership conveys authenticity. Consistent alignment over time builds trust and credibility. It defines your character. If you have ever taken yourRead More →

“We want to accelerate change. We want to make an impact in this community.” InitiativeOne Founder and CEO Fred Johnson Soon after moving into the newly transformed building in downtown Green Bay, InitiativeOne entered into a strategic alliance with University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Both have expressed a desire to affect the downtown business community in a positive way. InitiativeOne founder and CEO Fred Johnson has repeatedly emphasized the importance of creating a vibrant presence on the corner of Adams and Walnut in the heart of the city. Likewise, when Chancellor Miller was installed at UW-Green Bay last November, he announced that the university was committedRead More →

InitiativeOne has moved into our newly transformed facility in downtown Green Bay. The move follows a magnificent renovation of the historic space located on the corner of South Adams and East Walnut Street. The result is a space that is warm, inviting and exceptionally functional for InitiativeOne. The investment in the structure opens the door for leadership transformation that will take place in the facility. Since moving into this remarkable space, InitiativeOne has already hosted several events. During the month of April, the facility was a hub of activity. Each week, groups gathered for Leadership Transformation, InitiativeOne’s signature process. On Friday, April 17, C-level leaders engagedRead More →

InitiativeOne Exterior Night

New Building Opens in March 2015 It’s much more than a new office building. The renovation of the Adams and East Walnut Street building is a significant investment for InitiativeOne and signals the beginning of a strong presence in downtown Green Bay. InitiativeOne’s CEO and founder Dr. Fred Johnson’s vision for the future includes a robust appreciation for the rich history of Green Bay. The building features a 129 year-old copper façade. InitiativeOne is committed to create a great space that beckons leaders to connect with others and learn. Our facility in the heart of downtown is evidence of our desire to create a community ofRead More →

It’s winter and the weather seems to grab the headlines on a regular basis. Some parts of the country have had more than their share of snow, ice and cold. Harsh weather conditions affect some more than others. Some cities are able to take a couple of feet of snow in stride. In other places, schedules are adjusted at the mere threat of a few flurries. But, whether harsh weather is the norm or rare occurrence, most areas have a similar guiding question. Is it safe to venture out, or is it wise to stay in? Safety is always a concern. Whether real or perceived,Read More →

It’s that time of year. Kids are preparing to dress up in costumes and trek from door to door to make a friendly demand for chocolate. Sometimes you can recognize the child within the minion and sometimes it’s hard to tell. These short-term changes in identity provide a lot of fun. Why is it so much fun to pretend to be someone you’re not? It could be the reward. Even a minimal costume on Halloween will net you some candy. The day after Halloween, most kids discard their costumes and life goes back to normal – except for the desire to eat candy for breakfast!Read More →