Change will come, there’s no escaping it. Remaining stuck in status quo mode, fearing and avoiding change like the plague, only ensures you won’t be ready for the inevitable. Mastering positive change, however, is key to extraordinary leadership and optimal business outcomes. So what can you do to harness the power of change as both an individual and a leader of a high-performing team? Mastering positive change involves navigating emotional shallow water and relational collisions: resistance from within and without, blame, victimhood, false barriers, and other change-busters. The Reality of Change takes a unique approach to change leadership: anticipate and overcome the inner and outerRead More →

Clayton Christensen poses a serious question: “How will you measure your life?” Business leaders are accustomed to certain measures that translate into bottom line results. Such metrics can offer a concise financial snapshot. It’s an executive summary of how things are going and a quick answer to big questions. But, quick answers seldom supply an adequate picture. When you are alone with your thoughts. How do you measure success? Where does your mind take you? Chances are, you think beyond a singular focus on profits and losses. There is more than one dimension to the bottom line. It’s more fulfilling to think in terms ofRead More →

Leadership Keynote Speaking

I am always amused at the sign holders that attend football games. If you have ever watched pre-game coverage, then I’m sure you understand. Hours before the kick off, commentators gather to break down the keys to success and the sign holders are there. Just when you begin to focus on the interviews your attention shifts from offense and defense to the large poster board obscuring several people and boldly declaring “I’m Single!” Sign holders jockey for position. They extend their arms and lift high their pictures, slogans and messages. Some are funny. Some are serious. All sign holders share the same goal. Get noticed.Read More →

I was in my mid twenties when I faced my first challenge as an agent of change. I was the architect of a bold new initiative. Perhaps you are imagining a merger of two global enterprises. Not quite. I was charged with a significant internal transition in the office. It was new furniture. The “powers that be” had decreed that old was out and new was in. It was time to transform the space. We were making a change from the old desks to new modular furniture. Most were excited. One was not. The new furniture was comfortable, functional, and attractive. Almost everyone agreed. Almost.Read More →

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It’s the tale of two meetings. Collaboration is rewarding. True synergy is exhilarating. A meeting of hearts and minds around a common purpose and a compelling vision is among the best of times for leaders. The other side of the coin is ugly. There’s nothing like an early afternoon meeting that siphons your day while your mind wanders and you nod off to sleep. Some meetings need a funeral and a proper burial. Some meetings can and should find new life with a few strategic moves. Before you kill your next meeting, try theseRead More →

It seems like everyone I know is running a race. The popularity of running marathons or half marathons is growing. Over 2 Million runners finished half marathon races in 2014. There are some striking similarities between those who run well and those who lead well. It’s Monday morning. It’s race day. The course is set. You plan to finish the week strong. But, will you finish well? Maybe it’s not really fair to compare your workweek to a marathon. There are some important similarities and some important differences. But, you can borrow a few training lessons that will make your day better. Great runners understandRead More →

I was enjoying a delicious meal at a restaurant last week. I had just begun to dive into an appetizer when I became an inadvertent eavesdropper. The booth where I was seated with my family was located beside a server station. This particular server station had become the proverbial water cooler. Though it was the dinner hour and the restaurant was fairly busy, the steady stream of customers did not deter the servers from stealing a little time for conversation. The conversation was lively and focused. It was all about leaving their current employer for another restaurant. I felt a bit like a traveler inRead More →

As a child, my front yard was the venue for many high stakes kickball games. Right field was the best opportunity for a home run. Kick it over the neighbor’s fence and you could take a victory lap around the bases. Left field was a different story. A long shot into left meant an automatic double because the ball would land in the street. Leftfielders were trained to pause before chasing the ball and “look both ways” before entering the street. In my childhood kickball game, “both ways” included a glance to the left and a glance to the right. But there are other optionsRead More →

As Spring moves toward Summer, many students are ready to put on caps and gowns, listen to commencement speeches, and begin a new journey. It’s a season of change. Some emerging scholars have already accepted new positions and new assignments. Others are riding a wave of momentum into additional education. Most graduates have learned to steady themselves and expect the ubiquitous questions. At the top of the list of questions is the persistent inquiry, “What are you going to do after graduation?” It is a question that blends two stalwart leadership themes. Do you have a strategic plan for the next stage of your life?Read More →

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Insight comes in many packages and through many vehicles. The right song in the right moment can stir emotion, trigger vivid memories or inspire heroic effort. Sometimes a poem can become a catalyst for deep thought, reflection and reveal fresh perspective. What about a nursery rhyme? I shutter to think how many times I have heard or recited Humpty Dumpty’s epitaph. My recollection of Humpty reaches back into my childhood. But, it’s safe to say thatRead More →