Tom Rosson, Ph.D The other night, my daughter and I watched TV and came across a movie starring Jack Lemmon and James Garner (My Fellow Americans) as feuding ex-presidents who spend most of the movie trying to clear their name from a bribery scheme and murder for which they are being framed. In reality the crimes lead to the sitting president (played by Dan Aykroyd). When the two ex-presidents have figured out who is behind the crime but still lack any documented evidence, Jack Lemmon exclaims, “We have to inform the American people?” “Why will the American people believe us?” Garner asks. Lemmon answers, “Because we’reRead More →

Frequently, the entrepreneurial spirit is admired and praised. It is a deep stirring within to dream and pursue. If you are an entrepreneur or if you have spent any time with one, you know what it’s like to lift your eyes and gaze toward the horizon and dream. The recipe for an entrepreneur calls for creativity, innovation, courage and enthusiastic expectation of a better tomorrow. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit. So, what’s an Intrapreneurial spirit? Jacob Morgan is a futuristic that enjoys painting a picture of tomorrow’s organizations. According to Morgan, it’s one of the guiding principles for effective work in the days to come. InRead More →

There’s an old proverb that states, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” That’s an encouraging thought. It provides some hope for you if you are experiencing bitter cold or heavy snowfall. Better days lie ahead. Although the proverb can lift your spirits on a cold March day, it doesn’t hold true for “marching” into the boardroom. Conflict can become synonymous with stormy weather and entering into conflict like a lion does not always portend a brighter future. Rather than roaring, take a few cues from the end of March. Here are three keys for navigating conflict. First, remind yourselfRead More →

Authenticity has become something of a buzzword in leadership circles. Implications and explanations of leadership authenticity abound. Not long ago, I heard a leader describe the culture of his organization to a newcomer in simple terms. He said, “We keep it real around here!” That’s a pretty good opening line. After giving it some thought, I decided to unpack the statement a little. It turns out, there are few valuable lessons that lead the way for deeper discussions about how to develop greater authenticity. The “we” in authenticity Most discussions about leadership authenticity begin with the individual leader. That’s an appropriate focus. There is noRead More →

This week will provide many reminders of the importance of thanksgiving. It’s hard to quantify the value of gratitude, but among the virtues of leadership, it may be the greatest. Making thanksgiving a consistent part of your leadership will bring out your best qualities, refine the quality of your influence on others and brighten your perspective. Thanksgiving is the ultimate “self-leadership” virtue. Have you recognized how difficult it is to be grateful and arrogant at the same time? Have you ever tried to be thankful and selfish? If you accept the value of being a part of something bigger than yourself, cultivate your appreciation forRead More →

The day has just begun and many messages compete for your time. Honestly, it’s so easy to get knocked off course. There are times that a subtle deviation turns into a U-turn. It’s a two-fold challenge. First, a clear sense of direction is more important than ever. Second, you have to refine your ability to respond to distractions and unexpected challenges. Navigation is a critical leadership skill. It is the ability to stay on course and find your way. How do you find your way? Consider the wisdom of this old French Proverb: If you are going out to sea, you better have a star.Read More →

For part of my life, I lived in Arizona. Arizona did not “participate” in Daylight Savings Time. It was always in the back of my mind when I called family members in the East. Is it two hours or three hours? Since moving back into a state that adjusts every Spring and Fall, I have grown accustomed once again to that familiar question, “When does the time change?” It’s an appealing question. The more I think about it, the more I sense a subtle smile emerging on my face. “When does the time change?” If only I could make the time change. Wouldn’t it beRead More →

It’s another banner year for superhero fans. Take your pick. CW offers The Flash and Arrow and Fox provides a gritty look at the young batman in Gotham. Everybody loves a hero. Last night’s debut of The Flash introduced Barry Allen as a forensic scientist who receives a fortuitous lightning strike and a dose of chemicals and emerges as the fastest man on the planet. So what can we learn from The Flash? The superpower seems to always reveal a deep desire within the budding hero. Often, the deep desires of the superheroes are cleverly revealed in childhood crises that foreshadow the emergence of theRead More →

As members of the millennial generation enter the workforce in increasing numbers, attempts to describe the impact are increasing. How is this generation different from previous generations? Have values and motivations shifted? There is no shortage of questions and answers swirling around. We live in a world where rapid change has become the norm So, we are accustomed to considering how these changes impact organizations and leadership into the future. One description of millennials is an attention grabber. It’s always dangerous to paint an entire generation with a broad brush, but when a term surfaces frequently, it’s worth consideration. The millennial generation is  known forRead More →

“Culture Change” is one of those nebulous phrases often tossed around today.  The challenge is getting one’s arms around it quickly and succinctly. When we discuss culture, we are referring to the overall environment that directly influences the performance and results of the organization.   The corporate culture of any organization is the byproduct of the behaviors, attitudes, and values exhibited by key leaders toward others over time.  Culture directly impacts the morale, trust, engagement and confidence in the leadership by those at the “grassroots” level, It can be a company’s most powerful asset or it can be its greatest weakness. Leaders often make the mistakeRead More →