Change will come, there’s no escaping it. Remaining stuck in status quo mode, fearing and avoiding change like the plague, only ensures you won’t be ready for the inevitable. Mastering positive change, however, is key to extraordinary leadership and optimal business outcomes. So what can you do to harness the power of change as both an individual and a leader of a high-performing team? Mastering positive change involves navigating emotional shallow water and relational collisions: resistance from within and without, blame, victimhood, false barriers, and other change-busters. The Reality of Change takes a unique approach to change leadership: anticipate and overcome the inner and outerRead More →

Executive Retreat

“Trust is like a forest.  It takes a long time to grow and can burn down with just a touch of carelessness.” – David Horsager                   Leaders play a key role in each company; that is why companies work hard to find the best fit for their culture and employees when hiring new leaders.  One of the most important qualities for leaders to have and to develop with their employees is trust.   Without the ability to build trust with employees, leaders will not work well with the team and will be unable to truly make anRead More →

“Is Everyone on the Boat?” by Fred Johnson & Paul Metler Within any organization, it becomes essential to recognize both the people who are powerful conduits for positive change as well as those who are not. Is Everyone on the Boat? Is an engaging parable about a cast of characters who embark on an exciting voyage. The boat represents any business, organization or institution. The final Port of Call represents the organization’s vision. With Sam, the Visionary Leader, you will discover within each situation that arises a valuable lesson about yourself, the people you work with and organizational life. Available on Kindle, Nook.  Read More →

Would you rather be the Holder or the Kicker? If you do a quick search, you will discover that the current record for the longest field goal in the NFL is a 64-yard boot by Matt Prater. A successful field goal is a great picture of teamwork. Every player on the field has a supportive role. Some block. One snaps. One holds and one kicks the ball through the uprights. In this case, everyone executed and the rest is history. There’s a lot of talk about collaboration. In simplest terms, collaboration is teamwork. The value of collaboration rests upon a core belief that working togetherRead More →

On a recent plane trip I was seated with a couple and their twin toddlers. Although most people would dread this seating arrangement, my family has caused our fair share of travel drama in the past, so I believe I have a responsibility to help new parents in any way that I can, even if it is through simple reassurance and encouragement.   During the course of our flight, the mother, whom I will call Clara, shared that both she and her husband were entrepreneurs. The two of them had been quite successful as a team and had postponed the opportunity to have children untilRead More →

At InitiativeOne, we know that moving an organization to increased performance requires a deep and deliberate look at itself.  Creating a new “desired reality” can be determined only after understanding the root cause of the current results and determining key “leverage points” within the organization.  Increasing results is more than people “trying harder”.  It is about creating focus, challenging “status quo” and leading the organization to new results – and this starts by understanding the current organization. The following questions are designed for your own “self climate survey” to see if you might be ready to step up the momentum for yourself, your team orRead More →