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“Trust is like a forest.  It takes a long time to grow and can burn down with just a touch of carelessness.” – David Horsager                   Leaders play a key role in each company; that is why companies work hard to find the best fit for their culture and employees when hiring new leaders.  One of the most important qualities for leaders to have and to develop with their employees is trust.   Without the ability to build trust with employees, leaders will not work well with the team and will be unable to truly make anRead More →

New leaders are often faced with unexpected challenges.  There are always tasks that a previous position did not prepare you for, or that the person who filled the role previously did not warn you about.   Being a leader is about helping those who you work with, to help make them as productive as possible.  Oftentimes leaders forget that one of their main goals is to make sure everyone else has as much, if not more, success than they have.  This is a challenge – the balance between improving oneself and improving others is difficult to find.   Just a few of the challenges facedRead More →

  At my college commencement ceremony, the speaker reminded us of something – that failure is inevitable.  It happens to everyone.  Everyone has to face it at some point in their life.  But eventually, failure is going to become a part of your success.   Marti Wronski reminded me and the rest of my graduating class that baseball players are considered great if they can bat .300 for a season or more – that means that they fail seven out of every ten times they are at bat.  Failure is going to happen throughout life, and especially throughout careers.   Failure impacts everyone differently, andRead More →

At InitiativeOne, we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do.  Many companies provide Leadership Development, but the process here at InitiativeOne stands out from the rest.  Our Leadership Transformation process focuses on four key areas to develop your organization’s leadership thoroughly and completely.     Discover   “Leaders get into trouble when they don’t know what they don’t know in areas that matter.” Robert Bruce Shaw   Traditional Training: Most Leadership Development approaches begin with a short assessment and data interpretation from a small portion of the company.   The InitiativeOne Difference: The InitiativeOne Discovery process begins with interviews.  These allow focusedRead More →

University Leadership Curriculum

Developing relationships at work may seem like a skill leaders can put on the back burner, but developing relational skills can impact your employees’ productivity and your organization’s culture (and possibly even your boss’s opinion of you).   Relational skills are coming to the forefront of modern workplaces.  Patience, trustworthiness, empathy, and reliability are all key relational components to personally develop.  These abilities will impact your relationships both inside and outside of your organization.   “Relational skills are the most important abilities in leadership.” – John C. Maxwell, Developing the Leaders Around You   Think about it – if a leader cannot relate to anRead More →


Written by Melissa Rebek, InitiativeOne Intern InitiativeOne helps organizations breakthrough generational barriers in order to communicate effectively. Millennials are changing workforce dynamics. They are different than the older generations – from technology use to communication to career goals – and many businesses struggle to integrate younger generations into their environment. The struggle with Millennials entering the workplace is that there are a variety of myths about what they do and what they want. Older generations think the Millennials are incredibly different from themselves – causing issues among employees and for leaders. You need to be prepared for Millennials to enter the organization and have differentRead More →

Dr. Fred Johnson, Founder, CEO InitiativeOne

Leaders Lead by Impact – Three Key “Takeaways” • Develop a strategy for effective decision making • Develop ways to increase group acceptance • Develop tools for setting boundaries What Is Your Game Plan? – Three Key “Takeaways” • Develop a Game Plan that enables you to Lead with Integrity • Develop a Game Plan to Combat Everyday Distractions and Drama • Develop a Game Plan to Foster Effective Shared Decision-MakingRead More →

In 1917, federal investigators seized a shipment of Clark Stanley’s Snake Oil Liniment. Prior to this, medicines derived from Chinese water snakes had actually proven to be quite effective in treating joint pain, due to their richness in omega-3 acids. So people were very receptive to snake oil as a treatment for all sorts of ailments. Jumping on the trend, less than scrupulous opportunists began bottling and selling oils processed from American rattlesnakes. But these oils were very low in omega-3’s and provided no benefit whatsoever. Clark Stanley, known as the Rattlesnake King, built an empire with his particular brand. With a flair for showmanship,Read More →

“Culture Change” is one of those nebulous phrases often tossed around today.  The challenge is getting one’s arms around it quickly and succinctly. When we discuss culture, we are referring to the overall environment that directly influences the performance and results of the organization.   The corporate culture of any organization is the byproduct of the behaviors, attitudes, and values exhibited by key leaders toward others over time.  Culture directly impacts the morale, trust, engagement and confidence in the leadership by those at the “grassroots” level, It can be a company’s most powerful asset or it can be its greatest weakness. Leaders often make the mistakeRead More →

On a recent plane trip I was seated with a couple and their twin toddlers. Although most people would dread this seating arrangement, my family has caused our fair share of travel drama in the past, so I believe I have a responsibility to help new parents in any way that I can, even if it is through simple reassurance and encouragement.   During the course of our flight, the mother, whom I will call Clara, shared that both she and her husband were entrepreneurs. The two of them had been quite successful as a team and had postponed the opportunity to have children untilRead More →