Executive Coaching

The InitiativeOne Difference

Traditional Leadership
Development Approach
The InitiativeOne Leadership
Transformation Difference
Traditional Leadership Development Training begins with a one-to-two day Assessment and Interpretation of data gained from a fairly small cross-section of the firm/institution.The InitiativeOne Discovery Process is Personal and Customizable. Our interview process begins with a series of personal interviews that allow focused inquiry, direct observation of patterns of communication and identification of patterns and processes within the organizational culture. The Discovery Process is a critical first step toward cultivating trust essential for Leadership Transformation.
Traditional leadership development focuses on improving skills, increasing cognitive development and enhancing managerial efficiency.InitiativeOne Leadership Transformation moves beyond training. We prepare leaders for uncertainty. We help leaders identify and solidify authentic leadership that will withstand pressure from the outside. Leadership Transformation is a real-time process that accelerates positive change from the inside out.
Traditional leadership development approaches treat the strategic planning and implementation process as a separate add-on. Too often strategic planning falters during implementation because it is disconnected from the development phase of the program.Initiative One connects Strategic Planning with Leadership Transformation. We infuse strategic execution into every phase of our engagement: Discovery, Transformation, Execution and Sustainability Plan. Strategic Planning provides a platform for empowering emerging leaders, reinforcing positive accountability and developing problem solvers at every level of the organization.
Too many Traditional leadership development approaches leave organizations feeling abandoned after the initial training phase is complete. InitiativeOne continues to facilitate transformation after the initial engagement through a structured Sustainability Plan. We support and encourage leadership and culture transformation through quarterly follow up engagements.


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