The InitiativeOne Story

When Rosetta Riley, protégé of Edwards Deming and chair of the Malcolm Baldrige Awards under Presidents George H. Bush and Bill Clinton, first recognized that excellence has a significant human component, she turned to Dr. Fred Johnson. As a Baldrige winner herself during her years leading General Motors’ Cadillac division, Ms. Riley had a keen grasp on the relationship between process and excellence. But something didn’t quite add up; something was missing. Rosetta Riley recognized that even the best processes are limited by human dynamics such as work culture, environment and teamwork. For insights into this, she reached out to her friend and colleague, Dr. Fred. As Riley and Johnson got to work teaching leaders how to drive performance and effectiveness in their organizations, they identified three critical criteria:

  1. Impact would be paramount. A great work culture would have mitigated value if it did not dramatically improve business results.
  2. The organizational culture needed to be compatible with and supportive of Deming’s proven commitment to operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. The model would need to be transformative and sustainable. It could not be contingent on circumstances or personalities.
Fred and Tracy Johnson at InitiativeOne’s Green Bay Office

These were the seeds which would eventually sprout InitiativeOne. In 1999, with McDonald’s Corporation as its first client, InitiativeOne began transforming leaders and their organizations, helping them foster high impact work cultures defined by authenticity, transparency, safe environments and deep respect. Many companies now look at InitiativeOne’s roster of clients and see highly recognizable names such as McDonnell Douglas, Chase Bank, Whirlpool, Honeywell Aerospace and Scottsdale Healthcare. But these represent only a small segment of the business, healthcare and academic cultures that have been transformed after engaging InitiativeOne. Many small, mid-sized and family-owned companies have turned to Dr. Fred and his highly accomplished team as well.

Size, geography and industry all take a backseat to one thing – if you lead a community of people who must work together, InitiativeOne can help you foster a results-driven culture that will:

  • Improve perspective and decision-making.
  • Increase capacity to relate and communicate.
  • Heighten creativity and innovation.
  • Improve accountability to self and others.
  • Discover higher levels of confidence and performance.
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and conflict.