“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.” Arie de Geus Everyone strives to have a competitive advantage. The ability to obtain knowledge that puts yourself or your company a step ahead of your competition is sought after with incredible fervor. Learning applies to a multitude of situations and can bring a heightened sense of motivation and confidence to the way that you work. So how does learning bring about a competitive advantage? First, learning is humbling. It opens your eyes to see that you do not know everything there is to know. You have to ask forRead More →

“If you need help bark like a dog.” –Gendry “That’s stupid. If I need help I’ll shout help.” –Arya (George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings) Asking for help. Do you find it difficult? A simple request for help can be one of the hardest questions for you to get out of your mouth. I know that it is for me. I love this quote because sometimes our needs are disguised. You may feel like it’s safer to sound like a dog barking, but really, you are longing for some help or guidance on what is going on at work or in your life. YouRead More →