“Choosing to remain on The Shore of Status Quo consistently yields a life of quiet misery. It represents those areas you find unsatisfying, unfulfilling, and yet you’ve chosen to settle there. In the shadow of the trees near the shore lies a private cemetery—a place dreams are buried and hope is laid to rest. You don’t want to visit it often, but you know it’s there.” The Reality of Change by Fred Johnson and Paul Metler Two people wake up on January 1. To Liz, it’s not just another day. It’s the crisp dawn of New Year’s Day. She makes her way through the kitchenRead More →

There is a predictable, observable pattern that accompanies the undertaking of any significant change. –The Reality of Change by Fred Johnson & Paul Metler A few years ago we made a change in our home. We exchanged our carpet for hardwood. For us, it was a positive change. Our response to the change was very pleasant. We loved the change. However, we are not alone. We share our home with a Maltese named Vanilla. Her response to the change was immediate and decisive. She hated the hardwood. To this day, she refuses to walk on the hardwood. She leaps from rug to rug attempting toRead More →