Rosabeth Moss Kanter describes leadership integrity with compelling imagery. Leaders are “the laureates of the true and beautiful.” My mental picture of a laureate takes me back to the image of a victorious competitor being crowned with a laurel wreath. The recipient of the laurel wreath is recognized after training, competing and winning. So, in my mind, the wreath is a testament of significant investments before and during the race. It is evidence of preparation, self-control and successful execution in accordance with the rules of the game. Kanter’s language offers a virtuous picture and provides a safeguard against a narrow view of leadership. Leadership mustRead More →

Maybe you grew up in an environment where it wasn’t polite to ask “Why?” I’ll bet you heard the infamous answer from a parent, a teacher or a coach, “Because I said so!” Take a deep breath, overcome your bad memories and dust off the question. There is a time to ask the big question. There is a time when “Why?” is the most important question to ask. That time is now. Rather than ask your parents, coaches or teachers, look in the mirror today and ask yourself, “Why?” Once I heard someone empower a young questioner with a stern warning, “You can ask whyRead More →

Clayton Christensen poses a serious question: “How will you measure your life?” Business leaders are accustomed to certain measures that translate into bottom line results. Such metrics can offer a concise financial snapshot. It’s an executive summary of how things are going and a quick answer to big questions. But, quick answers seldom supply an adequate picture. When you are alone with your thoughts. How do you measure success? Where does your mind take you? Chances are, you think beyond a singular focus on profits and losses. There is more than one dimension to the bottom line. It’s more fulfilling to think in terms ofRead More →

Messages about change are everywhere. Change is needed. Change is hard. Deep change, real transformation is intimidating. You think you need to change, but you’re not sure how deep the change needs to go. Meanwhile, disappointment creeps in. Surface adjustments in your life provide diminishing returns. Why? If you are asking the question, you’re already considering the implications. Transformation sounds so radical. Is it possible to deal with stuff that lurks beneath the surface of your daily routines? Sure it is. But, it involves more than a course correction or a surface makeover. There is path to follow and the first few steps are wellRead More →