Leadership Keynote Speaking

I am always amused at the sign holders that attend football games. If you have ever watched pre-game coverage, then I’m sure you understand. Hours before the kick off, commentators gather to break down the keys to success and the sign holders are there. Just when you begin to focus on the interviews your attention shifts from offense and defense to the large poster board obscuring several people and boldly declaring “I’m Single!” Sign holders jockey for position. They extend their arms and lift high their pictures, slogans and messages. Some are funny. Some are serious. All sign holders share the same goal. Get noticed.Read More →

I finally settled into Seat 7D. After a two-hour delay I managed a smile as the Captain quipped apologetically that the airline hasn’t found a way to control lightning. My quiet respite in my seat was disturbed by a disgruntled posse of travelers around me. In particular, one person was squeezing in a final call before takeoff. The flight attendant took the microphone and reminded the passengers that it was time to conclude use of cellular devices. The not-so-subtle reminder was clear. “Finish the call!” Whether it was because the announcement drew our attention to the call or the fact that the passenger was aRead More →