It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It’s the tale of two meetings. Collaboration is rewarding. True synergy is exhilarating. A meeting of hearts and minds around a common purpose and a compelling vision is among the best of times for leaders. The other side of the coin is ugly. There’s nothing like an early afternoon meeting that siphons your day while your mind wanders and you nod off to sleep. Some meetings need a funeral and a proper burial. Some meetings can and should find new life with a few strategic moves. Before you kill your next meeting, try theseRead More →

It’s evident when the camera zooms in just after the putt drops into the cup. It’s that twinkle in the eye of the golfer. It’s a mixture of focus, confidence and execution. When a golfer is in the zone, the hole seems larger, the stroke seems smoother, and the path of the ball is true. That’s what it’s like for a professional to be in the zone. It’s not limited to golf. Leaders can be in the zone too. It begins with vision A good putt requires alignment. Alignment is a visionary process. When a golfer is in the zone, he or she expects theRead More →

Book Two: Rising Tide Leadership Series The Reality of Change by Fred Johnson & Paul Metler Change is great… if it produces results Change will come, there’s no escaping it. Remaining stuck in status quo mode, fearing and avoiding change like the plague, only ensures you won’t be ready for the inevitable. Mastering positive change, however, is key to extraordinary leadership and optimal business outcomes. So what can you do to harness the power of change as both an individual and a leader of a high-performing team? Mastering positive change involves navigating emotional shallow water and relational collisions: resistance from within and without, blame, victimhood, falseRead More →


Written by Melissa Rebek, InitiativeOne Intern InitiativeOne helps organizations breakthrough generational barriers in order to communicate effectively. Millennials are changing workforce dynamics. They are different than the older generations – from technology use to communication to career goals – and many businesses struggle to integrate younger generations into their environment. The struggle with Millennials entering the workplace is that there are a variety of myths about what they do and what they want. Older generations think the Millennials are incredibly different from themselves – causing issues among employees and for leaders. You need to be prepared for Millennials to enter the organization and have differentRead More →

Last weekend I made a trip to the local auto parts store and picked up some wiper blades. I replaced the wiper blades on a beautiful sunny day. There was no threat of rain in the forecast. It was perfect day to replace them. The next time it rains I’ll be glad I did. The perfect time to prepare for leadership storms is before they happen. Practice impeccable communication Don’t wait for a conflict. Begin speaking with clarity today. Clarify your commitments, expectations and concerns. It takes practice. Delivering and receiving impeccable communication is a skill that is learned through repetition and reciprocity. The importanceRead More →

It seems like everyone I know is running a race. The popularity of running marathons or half marathons is growing. Over 2 Million runners finished half marathon races in 2014. There are some striking similarities between those who run well and those who lead well. It’s Monday morning. It’s race day. The course is set. You plan to finish the week strong. But, will you finish well? Maybe it’s not really fair to compare your workweek to a marathon. There are some important similarities and some important differences. But, you can borrow a few training lessons that will make your day better. Great runners understandRead More →

I was enjoying a delicious meal at a restaurant last week. I had just begun to dive into an appetizer when I became an inadvertent eavesdropper. The booth where I was seated with my family was located beside a server station. This particular server station had become the proverbial water cooler. Though it was the dinner hour and the restaurant was fairly busy, the steady stream of customers did not deter the servers from stealing a little time for conversation. The conversation was lively and focused. It was all about leaving their current employer for another restaurant. I felt a bit like a traveler inRead More →