“We want to accelerate change. We want to make an impact in this community.” InitiativeOne Founder and CEO Fred Johnson Soon after moving into the newly transformed building in downtown Green Bay, InitiativeOne entered into a strategic alliance with University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Both have expressed a desire to affect the downtown business community in a positive way. InitiativeOne founder and CEO Fred Johnson has repeatedly emphasized the importance of creating a vibrant presence on the corner of Adams and Walnut in the heart of the city. Likewise, when Chancellor Miller was installed at UW-Green Bay last November, he announced that the university was committedRead More →

InitiativeOne has moved into our newly transformed facility in downtown Green Bay. The move follows a magnificent renovation of the historic space located on the corner of South Adams and East Walnut Street. The result is a space that is warm, inviting and exceptionally functional for InitiativeOne. The investment in the structure opens the door for leadership transformation that will take place in the facility. Since moving into this remarkable space, InitiativeOne has already hosted several events. During the month of April, the facility was a hub of activity. Each week, groups gathered for Leadership Transformation, InitiativeOne’s signature process. On Friday, April 17, C-level leaders engagedRead More →

As Spring moves toward Summer, many students are ready to put on caps and gowns, listen to commencement speeches, and begin a new journey. It’s a season of change. Some emerging scholars have already accepted new positions and new assignments. Others are riding a wave of momentum into additional education. Most graduates have learned to steady themselves and expect the ubiquitous questions. At the top of the list of questions is the persistent inquiry, “What are you going to do after graduation?” It is a question that blends two stalwart leadership themes. Do you have a strategic plan for the next stage of your life?Read More →

Tom Rosson, Ph.D The other night, my daughter and I watched TV and came across a movie starring Jack Lemmon and James Garner (My Fellow Americans) as feuding ex-presidents who spend most of the movie trying to clear their name from a bribery scheme and murder for which they are being framed. In reality the crimes lead to the sitting president (played by Dan Aykroyd). When the two ex-presidents have figured out who is behind the crime but still lack any documented evidence, Jack Lemmon exclaims, “We have to inform the American people?” “Why will the American people believe us?” Garner asks. Lemmon answers, “Because we’reRead More →

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Insight comes in many packages and through many vehicles. The right song in the right moment can stir emotion, trigger vivid memories or inspire heroic effort. Sometimes a poem can become a catalyst for deep thought, reflection and reveal fresh perspective. What about a nursery rhyme? I shutter to think how many times I have heard or recited Humpty Dumpty’s epitaph. My recollection of Humpty reaches back into my childhood. But, it’s safe to say thatRead More →

How can I improve my attitude? Good habits establish your priorities for the day. Self-discipline has a ripple effect that sets the wheels in motion for better leadership. Habits are all about discipline. The best habits almost always require a substantial commitment to move against the flow. Over time, habits, both good and bad, can become “second nature.” Think about good habits in your life that require very little premeditation. When you sit down in a car, you fasten your seatbelt. When a server fills your glass, you say, “Thank you. ”When you leave home, you embrace your spouse or children and say, “I loveRead More →