You have heard it said many times. It’s a quick assessment of a new recruit. He’s a bit of a “project.” She’s a “work-in-progress.” How does that terminology strike you? Does your mind go to the negative or the positive? Sadly, the expression has a negative connotation. Although assessment takes place at a particular point in time, you need to stop and think more deeply about what it means. Being described as a “work-in-progress” is actually a compliment. If you have ceased to be a “work-in-progress” you have ceased to be a lifelong learner. Until you learn to embrace your identity as a “work-in-progress”, youRead More →

March Madness has descended upon us. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is an interesting phenomenon. Consider the fact that one of the bracket challenges included over 11 million entries and you get a pretty good indication that the word “phenomenon” is not an overstatement. For college basketball fans, it just doesn’t get any better than this. If you have never completed a bracket, you have missed a great opportunity to explore the fine art and science of decision-making. All across the world, people trek online, log in and predict the winners. Maybe you’re old school. That’s not a problem. Spread out the newspaper bracket onRead More →

Effective leadership requires accurate information. That’s obvious. It seems that most conversations about information have shifted toward complaints about quantity. It’s understandable. Digital engagement often leads to an overwhelming torrent of attention grabbing messages. However, when you sift through your proverbial inbox, you need to sharpen your focus. Are you receiving the right information? The quality of information you receive is critical for your success. When it comes to accurate information, the climb up the corporate ladder can feel like a journey toward isolation. Your destination is an island where impeccable communication is limited. Some have referred to this malady as CEO disease. An acuteRead More →

Frequently, the entrepreneurial spirit is admired and praised. It is a deep stirring within to dream and pursue. If you are an entrepreneur or if you have spent any time with one, you know what it’s like to lift your eyes and gaze toward the horizon and dream. The recipe for an entrepreneur calls for creativity, innovation, courage and enthusiastic expectation of a better tomorrow. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit. So, what’s an Intrapreneurial spirit? Jacob Morgan is a futuristic that enjoys painting a picture of tomorrow’s organizations. According to Morgan, it’s one of the guiding principles for effective work in the days to come. InRead More →

There’s an old proverb that states, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” That’s an encouraging thought. It provides some hope for you if you are experiencing bitter cold or heavy snowfall. Better days lie ahead. Although the proverb can lift your spirits on a cold March day, it doesn’t hold true for “marching” into the boardroom. Conflict can become synonymous with stormy weather and entering into conflict like a lion does not always portend a brighter future. Rather than roaring, take a few cues from the end of March. Here are three keys for navigating conflict. First, remind yourselfRead More →