InitiativeOne Exterior Night

New Building Opens in March 2015 It’s much more than a new office building. The renovation of the Adams and East Walnut Street building is a significant investment for InitiativeOne and signals the beginning of a strong presence in downtown Green Bay. InitiativeOne’s CEO and founder Dr. Fred Johnson’s vision for the future includes a robust appreciation for the rich history of Green Bay. The building features a 129 year-old copper façade. InitiativeOne is committed to create a great space that beckons leaders to connect with others and learn. Our facility in the heart of downtown is evidence of our desire to create a community ofRead More →

“Is Everyone on the Boat?” by Fred Johnson & Paul Metler Within any organization, it becomes essential to recognize both the people who are powerful conduits for positive change as well as those who are not. Is Everyone on the Boat? Is an engaging parable about a cast of characters who embark on an exciting voyage. The boat represents any business, organization or institution. The final Port of Call represents the organization’s vision. With Sam, the Visionary Leader, you will discover within each situation that arises a valuable lesson about yourself, the people you work with and organizational life. Available on Kindle, Nook.  Read More →

Authenticity has become something of a buzzword in leadership circles. Implications and explanations of leadership authenticity abound. Not long ago, I heard a leader describe the culture of his organization to a newcomer in simple terms. He said, “We keep it real around here!” That’s a pretty good opening line. After giving it some thought, I decided to unpack the statement a little. It turns out, there are few valuable lessons that lead the way for deeper discussions about how to develop greater authenticity. The “we” in authenticity Most discussions about leadership authenticity begin with the individual leader. That’s an appropriate focus. There is noRead More →

It’s winter and the weather seems to grab the headlines on a regular basis. Some parts of the country have had more than their share of snow, ice and cold. Harsh weather conditions affect some more than others. Some cities are able to take a couple of feet of snow in stride. In other places, schedules are adjusted at the mere threat of a few flurries. But, whether harsh weather is the norm or rare occurrence, most areas have a similar guiding question. Is it safe to venture out, or is it wise to stay in? Safety is always a concern. Whether real or perceived,Read More →

It’s the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. It’s a big week for investing in expressions of love. According to a survey conducted by the Advertising and Marketing Association, the average annual Valentine’s Day spending tops $13 billion. That’s a lot of chocolate! In fact, the top five gifts include: candy, flowers, cards, jewelry and dinner out. After 180 million cards are received, the message of love is widespread. What about the remaining 320 days this year? What kind of message does your life send? Move beyond the romantic theme of Valentine’s Day and consider the people within your sphere of influence. What kind ofRead More →

There will be a lot of talk about decisions today. It’s the morning after Super Bowl XLIX and there’s plenty of talk. If you are into statistics, it might be interesting to determine the percentage of Monday morning quarterbacks and coaches among the millions of viewers who watched the game last night. Listening to all the buzz stirs my thinking about how decisions are evaluated. There’s no shortage of evaluation today. As I listen to the break down of plays, players, coaches, commercials and entertainment this morning, I have distilled a few questions of my own. It all begins with a two-word question.   WhatRead More →