Recently, I met with a group of leaders in Central America. The blend of leaders from eight different countries provided a rich experience. Engaging leaders in dialogue about leadership transformation stirs passionate discussions about positive change and the unique challenges that threaten to derail progress. It’s remarkable what happens when you pitch a question into a group of forty leaders. Surveying the cultural landscape is inviting and the gathering provided a perfect opportunity to learn. So I asked, “What are the greatest challenges you face in your context?” Conversations about challenges are revelatory. When you throw a big question out into the mix, there isRead More →

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), 2014 was a banner year for international travel. It would be a monumental task to survey 1 billion international travelers and compile a journal from the stories, but it’s safe to say each trip provided some unique experiences. What comes to mind when you think about international travel? Does your mind flash to an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel? Whether you consider culinary diversity an opportunity or a threat may reveal something about your penchant for adventure. If the promise of seeing new places for the first time gives a bit ofRead More →