As the year comes to a close, you may wax a little nostalgic. It’s quite possible that the image of an old desk calendar has faded from memory with the rise of so many efficient ways to over-schedule your life on the device of your choice. Still, it’s worth it for a moment to imagine the sound of a page tearing slowly from edge to edge. It’s a rite of passage. Out with the old and in with the new. The first glimpse of the New Year emerges. It’s time to turn the page, and for some it may be tempting to rip it outRead More →

How do you feel about surprises? Watching someone open a gift can be as exciting as receiving a gift. There are several types of “gift-openers.” Some people struggle with the idea of destroying the creative artistry of wrapping paper and accessories on the outside of the gift. They employ a slow, deliberate approach. Others tear into a gift box as if it was a timed competition. Is it about the process, the gift hidden inside or the adrenaline rush of releasing the surprise? What about the awkward moment when you discover a gift is misguided or inappropriate? The defining moment of any surprise comes whenRead More →

For the next few weeks the media will flood your mind with lists. You can discover the top news stories, the top songs, the biggest winners and losers for the past year. You can learn about the athlete of the year, the most influential person, the man of the year or the woman of the year. It’s a popular way to reflect on the year and categorize some big events. North American culture seems to have a love/hate relationship with lists. You love to guess who will show up on the list. You love to read the list and see if “they” got it right.Read More →

It’s hard to ignore the calendar. Just this morning I heard someone comment, “This year’s almost over.” Whether you say it with a sigh or a sense of expectancy, 2014 is almost in the books. The end of the year is a complicated time. Your mind is getting mixed signals. Frequently, December cranks up busyness on the personal side of life while simultaneously marking a bit of a slow down for many business sectors. No matter what your calendar looks like, don’t miss 3 unique opportunities to sharpen your leadership. People. The holiday season brings a number of opportunities to connect with people. Thousands ofRead More →

Dr. Fred Johnson, Founder, CEO InitiativeOne

Leaders Lead by Impact – Three Key “Takeaways” • Develop a strategy for effective decision making • Develop ways to increase group acceptance • Develop tools for setting boundaries What Is Your Game Plan? – Three Key “Takeaways” • Develop a Game Plan that enables you to Lead with Integrity • Develop a Game Plan to Combat Everyday Distractions and Drama • Develop a Game Plan to Foster Effective Shared Decision-MakingRead More →

Would you rather be the Holder or the Kicker? If you do a quick search, you will discover that the current record for the longest field goal in the NFL is a 64-yard boot by Matt Prater. A successful field goal is a great picture of teamwork. Every player on the field has a supportive role. Some block. One snaps. One holds and one kicks the ball through the uprights. In this case, everyone executed and the rest is history. There’s a lot of talk about collaboration. In simplest terms, collaboration is teamwork. The value of collaboration rests upon a core belief that working togetherRead More →