For part of my life, I lived in Arizona. Arizona did not “participate” in Daylight Savings Time. It was always in the back of my mind when I called family members in the East. Is it two hours or three hours? Since moving back into a state that adjusts every Spring and Fall, I have grown accustomed once again to that familiar question, “When does the time change?” It’s an appealing question. The more I think about it, the more I sense a subtle smile emerging on my face. “When does the time change?” If only I could make the time change. Wouldn’t it beRead More →

It’s that time of year. Kids are preparing to dress up in costumes and trek from door to door to make a friendly demand for chocolate. Sometimes you can recognize the child within the minion and sometimes it’s hard to tell. These short-term changes in identity provide a lot of fun. Why is it so much fun to pretend to be someone you’re not? It could be the reward. Even a minimal costume on Halloween will net you some candy. The day after Halloween, most kids discard their costumes and life goes back to normal – except for the desire to eat candy for breakfast!Read More →

Not long ago I was planning a short trip. So I did a little homework. I checked Google Maps for the “best” route. As usual, I was given a choice. For this particular trip, I had three options. That’s not unusual for Google Maps. However, for the first time, I was given two routes, differing by 34 miles with the exact same time estimate for travel. Obviously, the longer route provided more time on major roadways and the shorter route included some scenic opportunities. Have you ever tried a “short-cut” that ended badly? It’s Monday and the clock is ticking. The time estimate for yourRead More →

It’s another banner year for superhero fans. Take your pick. CW offers The Flash and Arrow and Fox provides a gritty look at the young batman in Gotham. Everybody loves a hero. Last night’s debut of The Flash introduced Barry Allen as a forensic scientist who receives a fortuitous lightning strike and a dose of chemicals and emerges as the fastest man on the planet. So what can we learn from The Flash? The superpower seems to always reveal a deep desire within the budding hero. Often, the deep desires of the superheroes are cleverly revealed in childhood crises that foreshadow the emergence of theRead More →

As members of the millennial generation enter the workforce in increasing numbers, attempts to describe the impact are increasing. How is this generation different from previous generations? Have values and motivations shifted? There is no shortage of questions and answers swirling around. We live in a world where rapid change has become the norm So, we are accustomed to considering how these changes impact organizations and leadership into the future. One description of millennials is an attention grabber. It’s always dangerous to paint an entire generation with a broad brush, but when a term surfaces frequently, it’s worth consideration. The millennial generation is  known forRead More →