InitiativeOne Transforms Leaders and Their Organizations

What differentiates great leaders and great organizations from the norm? Two things stand out. Great leaders and great organizations excel at problem solving and decision making. In order to maximize your resources, you must improve the quality and speed of both. Our approach to Leadership Transformation creates leaders and organizations that excel in these two critical practices. We break through the barriers that hold you back. 

We believe most leaders want to lead better. We understand why most efforts aimed at developing leaders fail. Our process responds to the challenges. Transformation is Possible. Read More about what differentiates our process. 


Put yourself and your organization in the best position for success. We offer opportunities for you to enroll as an individual leader for One-on-One Executive Coaching, join a Leadership Transformation Mixed Group Process, or engage your executive leadership team or raise the level of leadership throughout your entire organization with our Leadership Transformation.

Too many traditional leadership development approaches leave organizations feeling abandoned after the initial “training” phase is complete. InitiativeOne will help you continue to sustain momentum after the initial engagement through a structured Sustainability Plan. We support and encourage leadership and culture transformation through quarterly follow up engagements.

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InitiativeOne’s Green Bay Office

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An Inspiring Story of Transformation.

As a result of this remarkable metamorphosis, InitiativeOne has an exceptional space for our investment in leadership transformation.

Visit our Downtown Green Bay headquarters.


110 S. Adams Street | Green Bay, WI 54301